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Welcome to K-Dragon Martial Arts Taekwondo.

At K-Dragon Martial Arts Taekwondo, we believe in the power of martial arts to transform lives. Our Kukkiwon certified school teaches people of all ages the art of taekwondo. We focus mainly on developing respect and confidence in our students, which we believe are valuable life skills that can be applied beyond the facility. Our team of experienced and passionate instructors is dedicated to helping each student achieve their goals.


Our Courses

At K-Dragon Martial Arts Taekwondo, we offer courses for students of all skill levels. Check out our offerings below.


Little Dragon Class (4-6)

Our classes for ages 4-6 are designed to help students learn respect, confidence and discipline. We want to make sure that our students are given the opportunity to grow and develop in a positive and safe environment. 


Children Class (7-12)

At K-Dragon Martial Arts, we are passionate about teaching our students the importance of respect, confidence, and self-discipline. We believe that martial arts can help to develop these skills while also providing physical and mental health benefits. Our classes are tailored to the needs of our students aged 7-12, with an emphasis on making learning fun. 


Adult & Teen Class (13 & up)

At K-Dragon Martial Arts, we strive to provide a perfect environment for adults and teens to stay healthy, learn self-defense and have fun! Our classes are designed to be both challenging and rewarding, with experienced instructors who will help you reach your goals. Our goal is to provide the best martial arts experience in the area, with the perfect mix of physical and mental training. 

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