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Holidays and Closures

Dragon Black Belt Tae Kwon Do is closed for all national holidays.We do not close for spring break or mid winter break, however we do close the last week of December If the weather is not permitting and we need to cancel classes, we will send you and email and voice broadcast phone message. You may also call the school as we will have the phones forwarded to someone who can answer your questions at that time. Tuition is not subject to adjustment for closures.

Attendance Policy

Students should attend two classes each week. Please see the class schedule to see which classes are appropriate for your rank level. Students are not allowed to attend classes that are not designated for their age and skill level.

Tuition and Renewal Policies

Please refer to your signed copy of your Membership Agreement provided at enrollment for your specific program term, tuition rate, renewal date, and method of payment. The following are general policies:

Tuition Policy

We do not offer refunds on programs purchased. We do not offer pro-rations for tuition for classes missed. However you may freeze your membership for a limited duration.

Renewal Policy

You will receive a renewal notification reminder. If we do not hear from you by the due date listed, the membership will be renewed and tuition payments will continue to be charged for the duration of the new term at increased rates. If it is your desire not to renew, you must contact the school 30 days prior to end date of the your current program.

Payment Methods

All tuition payments are done electronically through Electronic Funds Transfer Auto-pay. Your monthly payment will be made electronically for you on the date specified on your membership agreement. 


Credit will only be applied if the Freeze Notice form is provided before the freeze.

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